PTSD – Silent Pain

As a country we just celebrated the 4th of July, Independence Day. How many think of those that made it possible? Thanks to All those who served in any capacity to maintain the freedoms that we all enjoy. I must encourage everyone to find our veterans and show them your appreciation. So many are in need. The need of help financially, spiritually, emotionally even your time. They may just need 10 minutes for you to listen. Many suffer quietly for their sacrifice. The inability to sleep, trust, forget, forgive themselves for their actions, some say mentally they can’t come home, in fact many never did. Ever wonder why there are so many veterans unemployed and homeless. Many people have discarded them, look upon them as hopeless, some family members are ashamed of them. I have even heard people say that they made the choice to join the service thus it is their own problem and fault. Many veterans are unable to even enjoy the day that they so graciously gave of themselves to support and defend. So many are unable to watch or listen to fireworks because mentally it may them back to a painful place. For the veterans out there that suffer inside quietly please get help. You deserve it. It does not mean you are weak. Can you help? Will you help?

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  1. S. Turner says:

    Asking for help is one of the most courageous things anyone can do.God bless all those who served and give them strength to seek help when needed.

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