Life Happens

There are approximately 7,130,837,900 people in the world and the number is growing by the second. This being the case how does one feel so alone amongst so many. I often wonder what makes a person popular or well liked? Is it money, friends, personality or just fate? But just because you are popular or thought to be well liked does that mean you are happy? Does that mean that you are not alone? Can you be in a crowd of people and still be alone? The human mind is complex and there are those that get degrees and learn to help people that are not in the main stream of society. But does reading a book really help you understand a persons state of mind or predict what is next for them?

Daily we live our lives with only knowing what we know of ourselves, never knowing or caring for the most part about the person sitting to your left or right? The young lady sitting across from you has on her make-up, well dress, all her friends around her and appears to have it all together. But what we do not see is that she is forcing herself to be the image that she feels her friends want her to be. She cries alone in he room because since the age of 11 her step father rapes her several times a week, she cuts herself because she is not comfortable within herself and feels as if no one will understand or care. Then there is the man to your left, his wife left him and took their kids months ago, he has been in and out of court fighting for custody, even though she is unemployed and living with her new boyfriend the system felt the kids were better off with their mother and then today he lost his job due to all the time he had missed while in court. Society tells us that a real man does not show his pain, but in his mind society has failed him and he has no where else to go. What we don’t know is that the silent pain has persuaded him to put a loaded gun in his bag and hurt as many others as he can because he hurts inside. Is that what the books tell us?

Not caring about what is happening in their lives, does that make you a bad person or do we choose to keep a blind eye to them to protect ourselves.

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