Is the room getting darker

Have you ever felt as if you are falling down a rabbit hole and are unable to stop. Over the past 27 years or so I have found that I average a little over 4 hours of sleep a night. Recently I have found myself going from watching the darkness of the night change to getting ready for work more regularly. Through the day you see that the constant pain in you back, legs and hands as more of an uncomfortable factor of life that just reminds you that you haven’t decided to stop the pain. You go about your day and sit back just to hope that the people that you see on a daily basis such as co-workers and even family members don’t notice the tremors of you hands shaking or the muscles spasms in your arms, legs and your upper body which occur randomly and without warning. You find yourself working from a less occupied offices or keeping the door closed in order to give the appearance that you are on the phone with the hope that no one enters.

Some days you work from your home office which helps to an extent until you realize that the tremors in you hands have begun to gotten to the to the point that it is getting difficult to use the mouse or keyboard. You find yourself seeing or speaking with family and friends less and less because you get tired of people asking if you are ok which appears to be a kind thing to say and displays some sort of concern for you, instead it is a constant reminder that you are less and less normal. Finding no enjoyment in things you did in the past. People don’t understand, yet you keep pushing.

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