The Best of Me

Today is yet a day, even though I know my wife will not see this I must say what I must. I am thankful for her for more than anyone could ever understand. Most of you think I may be living a great life but everyday is a struggle. Since I returned from the Saudi, my life has been nothing short of challenging but between wife and my mother, they seemed to keep me on track. Mom got sick as we all know and passed away. As things became harder for mom, my wife stepped up even more, to not only help me but to help mom. As most people stay so focused in there own day to day they fail to see the true struggle others are going through. I know some may not care but my wife has gone through five brain surgeries in the past six years and there will be a sixth in the future. This is not for me but I ask that you keep her in prayer through all that she is going through. I love you all, and I know everyone thinks my calm demeanor means I have it all under control but by the Grace of God she keeps me on track.

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