Me Visiting Me

Day after day I sit trying to understand why I feel as if I do not fit in. Somedays I find myself in a conversation, as I am speaking it seems as if I am listening to someone else. I can hear the words but I don’t feel like its me speaking. Then I find myself wondering what I said. If anyone has any idea how I feel. Wondering if others are going through the same thing? I stay in pain. The headaches are getting worse and are coming more often. There are times that I would be heading to work and find myself trying to figure out where I am. It happens as I travel to the store or taking my daughter to school. Of course I have told no one. I feel like I am visiting everywhere I go. Visiting to the point of being the awkward guy at the party that nobody knows or the new kid in school. What is happening?

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2 Responses to Me Visiting Me

  1. My days are getting worse. I am losing my temper faster. Feeling like I should disappear.

    • Auntie Sher says:

      I know this post is about two years old, and in that alone,it must be that God has you here for a purpose. Believe it or not, many of us have had similar feelings; I know I have – like, why am I here. But, be brave enough to encourage yourself as we uphold one another in prayer. We would not have you to disappear. We would deeply miss our nephew, cousin and ‘uncle’. Continue to make the most of each day. Love always.

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