My Pain


Why is it that when you are dating an idiot everyone sees it but you? Why is it that when you are odiferous everyone smells it but you?

I ask those questions because, as I stated before, my days have been getting worse. I seem to be asked several times a day if I am ok by my co-workers which concerns me a little. Still under the concept that I am still holding it all together. I go to work everyday and believed that I was leading my team from the front. I have begun to notice that I am performing more of an advisor role. Last week my little princess asked me why was I doing that? I replied that I was not doing anything but sitting in the car. She said why are you shaking? At that point I did not know what was worse the fact that I was shaking or the fact that it has gotten to the point that I don’t realize when it happens? Last night I was hurting so bad that the shower was painful, yet I got up and went to work anyway. I made it til noon, and my beautiful wife had to come pick me up because the pain got to the point that my legs were numb and my feet were pins and needles. Yet tomorrow will be a great day.

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