Outrage in Black America

I have been sitting back and watching an injustice to our younger generation. I see the public outrage and demand for justice behind the senseless violence taking the lives of our children. There is something definitely wrong. I heard today that the next action should be that the black police officers should go out and gun down some white children. This is where the line was shattered for me. Please do not misunderstand, I am disturbed but I see it differently. It is time for us to step up and be parents to our children as well as men and women to those to whom have never had such a luxury to have. To have a role model to look up to, to help guide and mold them into productive people within society. It is time for ours and the next generation to put aside pride and understand that even though they have gone through the biological changes in life that enables them to make a baby, they are not yet ready to raise a baby. Some time ago society allowed the notion that babies having babies was acceptable, but the failure came into this concept when those babies that had the babies were still just that, Babies. History asked a question that I am sure everyone has heard, “Am I My Brothers Keeper?” At some point the answer was “YES” but now the answer is “It is not my problem” or “It is not my business”, yet when your brother is robbing you to eat and gets killed in the process can you look into his wife or children’s eyes and say “it’s not my business”.

Yes, there is a problem within our society, but the first part of the problem is us. One man may get weary in well doing alone but if he gathers an army of like minded people to move for one purpose then he is no longer one man. We have lost our way. In our communities there is a church on every other corner yet the community knows nothing about the church. We have those that now belong to fraternities and social clubs that portray the appeared belief that they are there to aide our children, seniors, widows and orphans yet the commitment, pledge or oath was taken to gain some form of status.

Maybe and I say maybe if we can get off the couch, out the club, away from you best friends girlfriend or boyfriend, or the basement of the church playing bingo and take an interest in your community, not the physical buildings but the children, teens and elders to assist in educating our youths, then maybe? Maybe our young people will learn that they are a valuable resource contributing to a successful people to whom we must depend to stop the genocide we are inflicting upon our selves. We have lost the ability to deal with a situation without becoming violent. We don’t look at our actions and consider the consequences for tomorrow. We must learn to be who we are and not what we think others want us to be. Then, in the process maybe we can find an appreciation for life as they learn to love.

If you are offended by this message then take a long hard look in the mirror and ask why are you offended? I am not singling out any individual, political party, fraternity, church or other organization, but I beg you to read and think about this then start a conversation to figure out how to fix this.

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